Policy Calendar for 2014

The following policy decisions, projects and issues have been identified as priorities by the City Council for 2014.  It is recognized that several of these matters may be multi-year in nature in terms of their ultimate completion.  The City Council reserves the right to change priorities as needed throughout the year in response to new information or circumstances and that any such changes may affect the priorities listed below.  It is further recognized that this list does not include all the projects that the City Council and City Staff may be working on during 2014.


The following policy calendar items have been identified as the City Council’s highest priorities and are grouped under subheadings and then, the subheadings are listed in alphabetical order:

Affordable Housing

  1. Develop and execute a strategic plan for the creation, oversight and management of Affordable Housing opportunities within Foster City in light of the dissolution of redevelopment agency funding, including:
    1. Exploring the implementation of an Affordable Housing Impact Fee
    2. Reviewing, supporting and advocating for State legislation creating new funding mechanisms for affordable housing

Department Strategic Plans and Priorities

  1. Develop and execute a comprehensive City Strategic Plan for all City Departments that include goals, performance measures, timelines, and periodic reporting to the City Council
  2. Develop and execute a City Council Request Listing based upon requests made by members of the City Council during public meetings, including periodic status update reporting to the City Council

Economic Development

  1. Develop and execute an Economic Development Strategic Plan as a means of achieving the initiatives of the Sustainable Foster City Plan that includes performance measures as well as staffing and resource needs

Environmental Sustainability and Resources

  1. Review, update and implement a comprehensive Urban Water Management Plan, including:
    1. Review and update the District’s Water Conservation and Rationing Ordinance
    2. Identify opportunities for the use of alternative water sources, including:
      1. Recycled (or “grey”) water resources
      2. Desalination
  2. Consider implementation of an Energy Efficiency Loan Program for residential and commercial property owners

Fire Shared Services

  1. Complete the implementation of the Fire Management Shared Services model through agreements with the cities of San Mateo and Belmont
  2. Begin discussion and development of long-term strategic plans for further sharing of Fire services, including fire suppression apparatus and personnel resources

Infrastructure Improvements

  1. Develop and implement a comprehensive Parks Infrastructure Improvement Strategic Plan including the following components:
    1. Build-out of the parks system, including completion of Werder Park and Destination Park and exploration of the feasibility of developing Sea Cloud Park Phase II
    2. Resource needs and funding strategies, including the use of Park-In-Lieu Funds

Municipal Code Amendments

  1. Develop and execute a plan to review and update all City and District Municipal Codes / Ordinances to reflect the long-term vision of the community
  2. Develop and implement amendments to the City’s Smoking Ordinance
  3. Develop and implement amendments to the City’s Zoning Ordinance, Section 17.52.010 relative to Fences, Hedges and Walls
  4. Develop and implement a “Gatekeeper” Ordinance or Policy to provide the City Council an opportunity to initially review any development project that proposes a change in land use or zoning or a significant change in the use (density) of a currently approved land use or zoning prior to the development project proceeding through the planning process

Public Engagement

  1. Develop and implement strategies towards a comprehensive public communications and outreach plan utilizing the latest appropriate technology resources, including social media and mobile access tools


The following policy calendar items have been identified as additional priorities of the City for 2014 and are grouped under subheadings and then, the subheadings are listed in alphabetical order:


  1. Continue development of ongoing proactive relationships with the San Mateo-Foster City School District (K-8) and the San Mateo Union High School District (9-12)
  2. Participate with the San Mateo-Foster City School District in the development of options regarding the increasing school enrollment and school facilities issues facing Foster City and San Mateo

Governance Issues

  1. Review and update City Council protocols concerning the selection of the Mayor and Vice-Mayor positions
  2. Review the recruitment and selection process for City employees who are hired or promoted pursuant to the City/District Personnel Rules

Grant Funding

  1. Develop and implement a plan to identify and take advantage of Grant Funding opportunities for the benefit of the community, with specific focus on City services, projects, amenities and programs

Levee / Pedway System Infrastructure

  1. Develop strategies in response to the potential Sea Level Rise issues that impact the Levee system, including collaboration with other affected communities and government agencies

Traffic Management

  1. Develop and execute a comprehensive Traffic Management Strategic Plan to address current and projected traffic impacts
  2. Complete the review of the operations of the traffic signals and make adjustments as necessary
  3. Develop and monitor initiatives to address traffic and pedestrian safety