July 2014 – living!LOCAL City Guide 2014-2015 – DIGITAL VERSION

fcll-coverThe digital version of the premier edition of the new Foster City living!LOCALTM City Guide is available on www.fc-livinglocal.com! The new look and feel shows our attitude has changed. We’ve grown up.  And we are evolving with changing times.

The 110 color pages of the living!LOCAL Guide is divided into 6 sections: Where to Live; Where to Work; Where to Play; Restaurant Guide; Chamber Member Directory and Business Listing. Each section is filled with amazing photos and infographics about Foster City showing the hugely diverse community filled with a whole lot of style and culture.

The pictorial journey highlights Foster City’s unparalleled beauty on the Peninsula.  A place where you can work with the best and brightest, dine around the world in 4 square miles, catch big air at the Pointe or just chill. A place where the built and natural environment are stimulating.  Where there is diversity of people and thought, creating a sense of community, and where there is a vibrancy spurred by culture and activity.  The quality of life is all about where and how you live, work and play.