Name: Daniel Brown

Role:   Board of Directors

Term Expires: March 31, 2022

Daniel Brown is a local business developer in Foster City, with a technical background and history in Mechanical Engineering. Between 2012 and 2017, Daniel obtained a bachelor’s and Master of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama.  After graduation, Daniel entered the start-up, analytical instrumentation industry when he moved to Germany and worked for an emerging company named Sentronics Metrology. During his time with Sentronics, Daniel transitioned from an engineering role to sales and, eventually, business development. Daniel’s work was crucial in building a U.S. pipeline and presence for Sentronics Metrology. This work ultimately resulted in a move to Foster City in June of 2018 to continue this work; now as an employee of Sentronics’ U.S. Distributor, Quantum Analytics.

Continuing in the role of business development, Daniel identified the largest growing market for Quantum Analytics and spearheaded a project to create and launch a new division focused on improving the efficiency and level of service given to this industry, while simultaneously increasing company partnerships and offerings. This project resulted in the development of Rhine Laboratories, a consulting and knowledge-services company for startup cannabis testing laboratories across North America. Daniel is now the Vice President of Rhine Laboratories, and is responsible for overall business strategy, sales, logistics, continued business development, corporate partnerships, regulatory affairs, and overseeing of day-to-day operations. The recent launch of Rhine Laboratories has renewed QA Group’s focus on fostering growth in Foster City, both in community as well as business. Daniel has worked with the Business Leadership Council on their Transportation Task Force since early 2019, and sees value in increasing QA’s presence and value to its community through participating as a board member for the Foster City Chamber of Commerce.