Name: Dan Demers

Role:   Board of Directors

Term Expires: March 31, 2021

Dan Demers, a San Mateo native, is the Executive Artistic Director at Hillbarn Theatre.  He has been working locally for more than 15 years in educational theatre, directing and acting all over the Bay Area.  His diverse background in business management, graphic design, creative direction, coupled with his out- of-the-box thinking, brings a unique perspective to this award-winning theatre company.  With a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts and Direction, Dan strives to change and grow the theatre to ensure that Hillbarn continues to be a beacon of the arts on the Peninsula.

The Foster City Chamber of Commerce is a pivotal part of the city and the community.  Running Hillbarn Theatre and working in the non-profit world allows Dan to look at things very differently and he is excited to bring that unique outlook to the Board of Directors and apply his talents to work on behalf of the Chamber.