Name: Joe Khoei

Role:   Board of Directors

Term Expires: March 31, 2021

Joe has lived in the Bay Area since 1983.  A graduate of San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Industrial Technology, he worked as an engineer while studying for his Master’s in Business Administration, which he received in 1999.  Joe worked in the software sales industry for 10 years and also volunteered and taught sales courses at the San Francisco SBA on a quarterly basis.

In 2010 Joe founded SalesX to leverage his extensive sales and process development background.  Designed to assist companies set up their sales channels and increase sales, Joe observed that many of his initial clients also needed help in website development, search engine optimization, and digital advertising.  In order to address those needs, the firm morphed from a sales consulting company to a marketing agency.  And, over the past nine years, SalesX has grown into an award winning agency and a Premier Google Partner (a designation limited to the top 2% of Google partners).

With his extensive background in process development, sales and digital marketing, Joe feels that his experience can be of service to the Foster City Chamber of Commerce and its member businesses.